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October 21, 2008
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Kammyyyyyyyyy by Chaos-Master Kammyyyyyyyyy by Chaos-Master
Like...seriously old character here.

Her name's Kammy, and I forget how long I've had her...I think I came up with her around the same time I did my Reha, which was when I was ELEVEN...but I forgot about her after like a week and then brought her back a few years ago...and then again now! :D

She's a cat, and in the old Sonic style, because I was bored XD She's also a pop star who's obsessed with butterflies. As you can probably tell, her attention span isn't too great, LOL.

Kammy c-with-a-little-circle to *Chaos-Master
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Cats tend to have problems with attention spans. It's gotta be the puppy chow.

Anyway, Sonic's a lame-o. It's all about Tails! And Eggman. Eggman's awesome. Also E-123. See, the first two have giant robots, and E-123 IS a giant robot. There is absolutely no theme here whatsoever.
FortunaKoopa Oct 22, 2008
Weeeee x3 New Sonic chars! I love the design, very unique :D
Kammyyyy! <3

I haven't seen her in forever! She's still adorable as ever.

I seriously need to draw Eon x Kammy, I really do. It's been so long! But, I think I may have an idea how Eon and Kammy can be put in a story. Not Vampium, but Vermilion. I'll note you the ideas if you want :3.

Anyways, it's great to see Kammy again! It's hard not to like such a sweet yet attention-lacking cat like Kammy <3. I didn't know you made her when you were eleven! That's, like, hundreds of years ago it seems! *Shot'd* But I'm glad that you bring her back, she's a great girlfriend to Eon. Still questioning how a Spirit of Time and ADD cat got together, but anything IS possible!

Eee, she's so purplish. I love purple, therefore Kammy is uber awesome <3. Ah, I just wanna snuggle her, she's just too adorable. She's going to make a wonderful popstar, better than most popstars out there! I love her design, it's simple yet it fits Kammy very well.

Brilliant drawing as ever, Saya, you're getting better and better at drawing! You always seem to amaze me. The pose looks so adorable, like she just spot a pretty butterfly and is about to give chase. That just makes Kammy so very lovable <3.

Like I said, it's great to see Kammy again~

*Le fav'd*
Meerkatgirl Oct 21, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Aw, Kammy is so cute. And purple, which is awesome =D

I like her design and really like her expression and eyes in the picture. Wounder what she's excited about. Maybe a butterfly? lol.
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